Here you will find all the support information you require to successfully complete your NQT programme.

Induction should be a well planned, targeted and structured support, which is tailored to match individual need, recognising that all NQTs will bring their own wealth of skills and experience.

Their enthusiasm and commitment should be nurtured, hence the importance of maintaining flexibility within the programme. This is a period of rapid learning where knowledge and skills are consolidated.

If you are recruiting NQTs for the autumn term and you want Nottingham City Council to act as your Appropriate Body you can register them during the summer term there is no need to wait until September. The registration form can be downloaded from this page. Information about the NQT service and costs can be found on the Education Services Nottingham website.

Further information about arrangements for 2017-2018 can be found in the NQT Induction News Newsletter produced each term for induction tutors which is available to download. Updated forms and guidance for the 2017-2018 academic year are now available on this website.

As part of the induction programme, The NQT Induction Guidance Handbook provides information for newly qualified teachers (NQTs). Effective induction will support NQTs in their first year of the profession and this guidance aims to support the implementation of the national statutory induction arrangements by:

  • developing understanding
  • ensuring consistency
  • reducing workload and bureaucracy
  • providing exemplars, and
  • sharing good practice

All NQTs and their Induction Tutors/Mentors can download a copy of this Guidance NQT Induction Guidance.

NQT Registration

Schools should register all NQTs before starting their induction period. A copy of the QTS certificate is required upon registration as well as a copy of their Action Plan.  Failure to send a copy of their QTS certificate could result in a delay of registration.

 Registration Form 2017-18

NQT Assessment Form Deadlines 2017-2018

The following dates are for NQTs who have a full-time contract, and started induction at the beginning of a term. If you have a part-time contract or started induction part way through a term please contact Mavis Bartley for advice.

  • Autumn term - Friday 1st December 2017  by 3.00 pm
  • Spring term - Wednesday 28th March 2018 by 3.00 pm
  • Summer term - Friday 29th June 2018 by 3.00 pm

Please keep to these dates. If the final assessment forms are received after the deadline, we cannot guarantee that the forms will be presented to the Verification Panel. They may have to wait until the following end of term's Assessment Verification Panel meeting. 

Contact Details

Mavis Bartley
NQT Induction Programme Co-Ordinator
Tel: (0115) 8765039