Welcome to the Nottingham City Appropriate Body NQT Induction Programme.

NQT induction programme

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All NQTs and their Induction Tutors/Mentors can download a full copy of our Induction Guidance NQT Induction Guidance.

NQT Registration

To register your NQT for this year's induction programme, you will be required to access NQT Manager via this link access NQT Manager  Please ensure that you complete the registration form fully as directed.  The deadline for registrations is Friday 11th October 2019 for the Autumn Term 2019 start.

NQT Assessment Deadlines

The following dates are for NQTs who have a full-time contract starting at the beginning of a term. If your NQT has a part-time contract or is starting the induction programme part way through a term  NQT Manager will adjust the deadline dates for assessment submission.  For further advice please contact Mavis Bartley on mavis.bartley@nottinghamcity.gov.uk  or 0115 8765039.

  • Autumn Term Friday 6th December 2019 by 3.00pm 
  • Spring Term  Friday 27th March 2020 by 3.00pm
  • Summer Term  Friday 10th July 2020 by 3.00pm

If assessments are received after the deadline date we cannot guarantee they will be verified by the Verification Panel for that term, therefore the assessment will be verified at the following end of term's assessment verification panel meeting. If you have any difficulites in submitting assessments by the deadline date please contact Mavis Bartley for furhter advice.

Contact Details

Mavis Bartley
NQT Induction Programme Co-Ordinator
Tel: (0115) 8765039