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Transition Project Nottingham City Primary Team - The project grew out of the Secondary Maths Conference held on January 2016 which focussed on transition from KS2 – KS3 and was supported by the University of Nottingham, the Minster Maths Hub and Nottingham City Local Authority.

The project aims to continue the trajectory of progress in Maths from Year 6 through into years 7, 8 and 9 and ultimately impact on results at the end of KS4. Its focus is to build on the new teaching methodology and curriculum at KS 1 and 2 and ensure that it forms the basis of teaching at KS3. It involves creating links with the primary schools, planning and creation of resources, team teaching with secondary and primary teachers and reworking of the KS3 scheme of work.

School Feedback - 'The consultant has written and structured ideas that have contributed to six sessions that we delivered to both our feeder Primary schools and here at "the big school". She has delivered sessions to classes at both Primary with some considerable success and helped me to populate the next three sessions ready for delivery by the Key Stage 3 Staff in September. She created some sessions in the mastery style and helped with the delivery of these new sessions during the first half term of the new academic year.’

‘Overall, I am really pleased with how this project has gone. Despite the pressures exerted on the Primaries with regard to fitting everything in, we have ensured that everything has run very smoothly and to time. I think the consultant has enjoyed working with us here at the secondary school and it certainly supported the pupils through the transition period.  She is awash with ideas and has helped me enormously in making our sessions fit both the objectives of our project but also the practical needs of our kids.‘

Transition Project Nottingham City Primary Team