Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas greetings and best wishes from the City LA for 2018.

Well done to all our teachers, school leaders and Headteachers, and all those support staff who have got through to the end of such a long term, even if you had the two week half term. The end of term is full of so many important events from nativity plays and carol concerts to the year 8 disco. Christmas dinners and Secret Santas, not to mention trying to organise the trip to the local church or big school for the charity event. For many of you it was the rather amazing Christmas concert that so many pupils took part in with Nottingham music hub at the Royal concert hall. Of course meanwhile, we are all trying to keep the ‘normal’ work of teaching and learning and even assessment continuing at the right pace, because we know any let-up brings other issues down the tracks. Y11 doing mocks and then Y11 teachers marking them and writing reports for that crucial year group. Some of you have had the pressure of inspection, or maybe thinking about an impending inspection and even if you have not your accountability to your own governors, school leaders, parents and pupils is never far away. Despite this you prep lessons, deliver lessons and mop up incidents and follow detailed technical systems and policies.

You might have caught sight of various national reports about social mobility the Joseph Rowntree report on ‘Child and pensioner poverty’ and yesterday the annual Ofsted report, perhaps you had time to glance their key points. There are major concerns for children in some areas like Nottingham, they make an interesting and very challenging read but reports do not tend to make the difference. You do! Staff in Nottingham schools looking after their children in such a professional and caring manner, doing their best for everyone despite the rhythm of life sometimes delivering very big challenges for those children; despite that you are there, you are present, you matter and you know you do that work to make a difference. Thank you on behalf of the children because in 2017 those small and large acts of kindness gave them hope and helped them stay on track and will help their longer term ambitions.

Enjoy the break, celebrate Christmas with your families and friends, find refreshment and hope and we look forward to working with you in 2018.