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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Jassmin Alltoft is organising the summer schools holidays program and has provided the following information.

I am once again organising the summer school holidays program to inspire young people aged 11-15 yrs to achieve maximum potentials by opening their minds to possible future career directions with the help of some of our large employers in the City.  I am currently in the process of putting a 2 day programme of activities open to young people across Nottingham City over 14th and 15th of August and it will be held at the Robin Hood Chase Neighbourhood Centre.  Over these two days, we will be providing the young people with breakfast and lunch as a part of this programme in addition to the activities. The programme is designed to provide a fun, learning based opportunity. The long term vision for this project is to continue to run this type of learning based activities provided by the industry and business regularly during the school holidays. 

One of the main area that CBI has reported in their publication is the disparity in skills and knowledge that the employers are looking for and what the young people have when they leave schools.  The bigger issue is that if young people do not have what the employers are looking for, that leads to high unemployment and that leads to deprivation.  So this project is designed to tackle the bigger community issues. I want to find a lasting solution and prevent rather than firefight these social issues faced by our city. It is also widely reported that some of the low skilled jobs will be thing of the past and replaced by more IT base jobs soon.  This is the reason I want the young people to engage in with employers to get insight knowledge and make those vital connections at an early age.

So far, I have managed to get the commitment from a range of providers to this programme, which includes

  • Army  -  Physical activity and problem solving
  • Police-  Physical Activity and forensic science
  • Library service- Storysmash session –Create your own adventure computer game
  • ASDA – Group work Management, team building workshop/session
  • NCC  Park Services- Park Design and Bug Hunt
  • Keepmoat Construction- Design and Engineering construction activity
  • Still waiting to hear a couple of other organisations if they can offer activity/workshop for this programme

We hope meeting people from the industry, young people will realise how important it is for them to concentrate on school subjects such as Match English, Science, IT etc. which are based subjects that will enable them to pursue various career paths straight after school or continue to high education.  Although schools are doing their very best during term times, however if our employers and industries can do their bit as well, I think we can tackle range of issues from lack of skills in certain sectors such as construction to young people getting into antisocial behaviour, joining certain gangs and turning to various misbehaviour and ultimately into crime.

I have facilitated a similar programme in February half term in rise park and it was very well attended.  I decided if I were to hold this in various location across the city each time it would give greater accessibility for all.  Inspiration for this programme came from talking and meeting various communities as a part of my remit as a community engagement officer. I also analysed data relating to lack of achievement in some of our inner city schools and went about finding a solution.  Nottingham Together programme is about tackling community issues, hence the reason for my involvement in this issue.

I am writing to you as I believe you are in a position as per your portfolio responsibilities to get a range of agencies aware of this project and get more young people to engage in this as well as possible to encourage our business community to support this programme.  I would have loved to run this for a longer period over the school holiday if I could do so and had greater support.  If this became a regular thing over school holidays, we could get young people to engage in this activity over several of the school holidays and to award them with a certificate so when they leave school they got some valuable experience to speak of.