Thursday, November 2, 2017

We are pleased to attach the School’s Safeguarding Training Programme for the second half of the Autumn Term 2017.

We are still only able to offer a reduced training package at this time due to the Training Officer post still being vacant. However all compulsory courses for initial and update training are available.

Also we aren’t in a position to offer any further in house safeguarding training this term due to capacity.
Please ensure that you book onto the course that meets your requirements in relation to the level of your safeguarding responsibility within school.

DSL’s are reminded that if they receive attendance certificates from two DSL Network Meetings in an academic year, their DSL status can be renewed for another two years. DSL’s who are unable to attend two Network Meetings in an academic year will be required to attend the DSL Update Session.

Please do not attend a course you have applied for unless you have received a confirmation email.

All training queries and bookings should be sent to the Safeguarding in Education email address;


To view the Training Programme booklet please click here

To view the Training Programme schedule please click here