Tuesday, May 16, 2017

From 20 May 2017, all cigarettes and tobacco must be sold in drab green packs with large health warnings.

Standardised packaging aims to reduce the uptake of smoking amongst children and young people by removing the ‘silent salesman’ of glitzy packaging.

It is proving very successful in Australia where it was launched in 2012. As well as fewer children and young people starting to smoke, an additional benefit  is that adult smokers are more motivated to make a quit attempt.  

Please support this by publicising local stop smoking services to your whole school community:


There are other new rules to regulate e-cigarettes and e-liquids which cover labelling, health warnings, nicotine strength and tamper and child-resistant packaging.

Colouring and the stimulants taurine and caffeine are also banned. Although there is no evidence that e-cigarettes are a gateway into smoking for young people, these measures provide further reassurance.

Trading Standards have contacted e-cigarette shops ahead of the new rules but if you have any local issues, for example businesses selling to under 18s,

please email: Trading.Standards@nottinghamcity.gov.uk