• Schools Finance

    Schools finance support team provide tailor made, flexible and responsive financial services for schools and academies in Nottingham

  • IT


    IT and support services for the education sector

  • Admissions

    School admissions and transfer guidance

  • Health and Safety

  • Information Management

    The Information Management Team provide support to enable you to complete statutory and non-statutory returns to the LA and DFE for Attainment and Census (Pupil, PRU, and School Workforce)

  • HR Advisory Service

  • Nottingham ABLE

    Nottingham ASBM has rebranded to ABLE

  • Schools Funding

    The School Funding Team distributes the Dedicated Schools Grant in consultation with schools and in accordance with relevant regulations.

  • Education Services Nottingham

    Central place for ordering services from Nottingham City Council.

  • Workplace Parking Charge

    All communications and documents for the Workplace Parking Charge for schools are available on this page.